About Us

Patrick and Michaela started together Good Vibes Adventures which is a tour and travel company based in Kenya. Patrick is born and raised in Kenya, while Michaela is from Switzerland. During Michaela´s trips to Kenya for the last 10 years made her in love with the country. The two travelled together across Kenya and expierenced the beautiful sceneries, National parks with the famous wild big five animals, mountains, waterfalls, beaches and various cultures. That´s why they felt the need of opening it wide to the world and to share the same experience with other people. Good Vibes Adventures was formed. 

Michaela Njuguna-Hut

I made my first steps on Kenyan ground in 2013 as a volunteer. Little did I know that this country turns my life upside down. The people, the laughters and the wideness of this place made me come back over and over again. The infamous African virus caught me. I am passionate about sharing the Kenyan vibe with the world and use my organization skills to plan unique trips. 

Patrick Njuguna

My desire to explore new places, learn new cultures, interract with different people makes me completely happy. I am a passionate driver and organise all the transportation. As the Good vibes adventure travel guide I have a big heart to share my knowledge about Kenya. Will you be my next travel partner and sing with me "Country road, take me home, to the place where I belong..."

Our values
Trips for everyone

"Everyone should have a chance to explore Kenya. We help you overcome your travelling obstacles by creating a trip that makes you feel safe and comfortable."


"We highly appreciate planning the trips together with you as a team, listening to your opinion as well as do small spontanouse adventures during your trip."

Explore the uniquness

"We love the uniquness of Kenya and therefore we want to transfer that love to you in all aspects of nature, wildlife and Kenyan culture."

Create unforgettable memories, Africa here we come!